About This Blog

A cautiously optimistic catalogue of questions, comments, complaints, inquiries, and insight from a skeptical realist. Confused yet? Come join the club…


12 responses to “About This Blog

  1. Like your stuff – especially about apocalypse and parenting. Maybe some see it as one and the same?

  2. I like your tags and topics. Very unusual, random, interesting original. I also like your writing style. Hope to read more posts on your blog. And thanks for the visit to mine.

  3. Your blog is pretty awesome.

  4. Just a little snarky

    Thanks for stopping by my tiny chunk of the bloggosphere. I had a good time wandering around yours, I will have to makes sure to wander this way again.

  5. I give up. I just had to subscribe to your blog. It’s absolutely chock full of random goodness and I adore that. Will be happy to be back…

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