Book ’em

Books I have enjoyed throughout the years:

I love me some Stephen King, I don’t care how mainstream he is. This doesn’t really follow any supernatural roles anyway. Quick overview: 100 teenage kids enter a competition. You win and you get whatever you want, you lose you die. Walk as far as you can for as long as you can. Can’t slow down, can’t stop, or else it’s a bullet in the head. Last one standing wins. Does it get anymore suspenseful than that?

A bizarre little coming of age story that follows a young boy who is growing into a man. The stages of his budding awareness are exemplified by the occasional visits he receives from the imaginary tooth fairy and how she changes through the years. From trollish demon to sexy vixen, he moves out of fantasy into reality.

Dune! Classic sci-fi novel about interplanetary political plotting and intrigue. Plans within plans, plus giant sandworm beasts that excrete an intoxicating drug! Some interesting parallels drawn with modern skirmishes in the Middle East.

Life of Pi. An investigation of life and religion through the eyes of a young shipwrecked boy who is fighting for his life stuck on a lifeboat with animals from his father’s zoo. A strange trip between reality and metaphor that attempts to find truths and connections between people and their beliefs.

A Day in the Life. A must read for any hardcore Beatles fan. A rare look into the Beatles music vaults, the book focuses specifically on the evolution of the Beatles’ songs, such as the acoustic home recording of Strawberry Fields by John, through its dramatic transitions to its final production of effects and instrumentation.

More to follow as it comes to me…


6 responses to “Book ’em

  1. Another who likes Life of Pi…i,ll have to give it another shot.

  2. I saw Dune (the movie) as I’m a big sci-fi fan and I really liked it. I’ll try Life of Pi and A day in the life. I’m a Beatles fan so this last one I’ll definitely check it out. Every time I’m finding more and more cool stuff in your blog!

  3. One to consider whilst throwing books names into the ring that I found to be a really good read and looking at your taste in books that you may find interesting is a book by Bill Cullen called ” I’ts a long way from penny apples”

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