Forced to Choose, in the Absence of Choice

Politics and screaming lunatics aside, you have your re-open crowd and you have your stay-at-home crowd. Generally speaking, of course, most people have a fairly strong opinion either way. The stay-at-home people believe in taking the pandemic very seriously, and it usually helps if they have a living situation which isn't too much at odds... Continue Reading →

All the Things I’ll Never See

Often times we stand in the here and now and we believe that we understand what brought us to this point. We take for granted certain things about ourselves and our world. We have seen the past and we look forward to the future. In reality, we have personally experienced very little in our own... Continue Reading →

The Presumption of Intelligence

We believe what we believe. We tend to find validity and truth in those things which are presented to us that correlate with what we already believe to be true, and we reject those things which do not coincide with those beliefs. The media does not create belief systems and morals, it does not create... Continue Reading →

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